Fast and precise layout ensures accuracy and increases productivity while eliminating rework.

Services We Provide

MEP Deck Layout

We will mark points on metal/wood decks or concrete for all your MEP needs. Each point will be labelled and numbered according to a QC plot we provide to you. You can install alongside us or afterwards.


We will lay out your underground by marking stub-up locations, painting main/branch lines, and marking control lines. Before the concrete pour, we will verify your stub-up locations and provide a dimensioned overlay against your plan.

Architectural & Structural

We will layout or verify building corners, elevator cores, columns, walls, edge forms, embeds, grid lines, etc.

As-Builts & Scans

We provide dimensioned as-built drawings and data for the modeling process of mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, building remodels, etc.

Total Station Layout

Efficient and Timely Layout

Our versatile and experienced team provides a variety of field layout services to suit your needs. We frequently work with trades and general contractors throughout the Denver area and across Colorado to lay out architectural/structural members, sleeves, threaded anchor inserts, electrical equipment, and underground plumbing/piping. We can lay out points on wood and metal decking, in the dirt, on top of concrete slabs, and more.

Point Location / Data

Coordinated Layout

We provide CAD services to locate your equipment and create dimensioned sleeve plots or layout plans. Each point on the plot will be numbered to aid in your QC process after our field layout.

If you have a CAD department locating your equipment, we just need an architectural CAD file and coordinates for your points.

BIM Modeling &

Additional Services to Meet Your Needs

Our sister company 3DBIMworx provides BIM modeling and coordination services. We have a team of experts to provide a complete coordinated model including BOMs, spool sheets, and useful, usable reports showing the manufacturer’s parts and fabrication standards that your company uses. We draw dry and wet sides as well as electrical.

Customer Testimonials

"We used 3DSiteworx to shoot points for plumbing, mechanical piping, and ductwork at the new Swedish Med Tower expansion. The 3DSiteworx team came in and did an incredible job. They were incredibly efficient and very professional. They were flexible with scheduling and understood job site requirements. The points that they shot were clear, well-marked out, and easy to find. Their communication with me throughout their time here was unmatched. I was extremely impressed with this group, and I am excited to continue to use them on upcoming projects. "

Kurt Johann

Apollo Mechanical

"Our partnership with 3DSiteworx has been a great asset to our company and an integral part of our success! The 3DSiteworx team never hesitate to bring up concerns with viable solutions, and meeting deadlines has never been an issue."

Jason Lucero

Anytime Mechanical

"3DSiteworx has been a key partner in the majority of CHS Plumbing’s work. We use 3DSiteworx from underground through structure and have had a great success rate."

Clint Cover

CHS Plumbing

"3DSiteworx has been fantastic to work with. They were able to help us coordinate electrical layout points for us on a high-rise build in Denver. Other trades had sleeve issues throughout the build after their layout, but 3DSiteworx was spot on every time. They were easy to work with and willing to help look at issues that were presented in the field and come up with solutions to conflicts. I highly recommend this group and will be using them again and again!"

Chris Romero

Welsh Electric

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